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Fit 4 Life at BHP

Empowering workers on site to take control of their health.

The Fit 4 Life project at BHP has been running successfully for over 5 years now. The project has engaged 4 mining operations, 18 workgroups and 2,500+ participants so far.

Fit 4 Life is tailored to assist staff with improving their health and wellbeing through assessments, coaching and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, this program educates members on musculoskeletal injury prevention and how they can be aware of their bodies while working. These objectives are achieved through the delivery of products comprising of manual task coaching, vehicle ergonomic assessments, and musculoskeletal screening; as well as health screening, health coaching, exercise programs and nutrition plans.

Various work groups within BHP’s large operations have participated in the program, including High Voltage Power, Mobile Equipment Maintenance, Fixed Plant Maintenance, Mining, Non-Production Infrastructure, and In-field maintenance. WFR has travelled to Yandi, Newman, Area C, Port Hedland, Yarnima, and South Flank to deliver the program.

The data and reporting from the health and musculoskeletal assessments provides BHP with great insight into the status of employee health, and allows the development of a sustainable health and musculoskeletal strategy.

An example of the data collected, pre and post coaching can be seen below.

Mark Kouwenhoven, Mining Manager at BHP Iron Ore Newman Operations, has seen the success that the Fit 4 Life Project has brought to his work groups.

“I have worked with WFR for many years and have seen a direct correlation to injury and illness reduction at site by running their Fit 4 Life programs. It helps our people feel cared for, engaged and most importantly, gives them a check in on their own health and wellbeing.”

Participants in the program talk about their own success stories.

“Seeing the effects smoking was having on my blood pressure and cholesterol was a big wakeup call for sure. It was an ugly few weeks but I feel better already, my son is very happy and so is my bank account. Now I have more money to spend on fishing gear!”

“I really loved all the nutrition info WFR sent, I always hated the food at camp, so I wouldn’t eat much throughout the day. For a long time, I was struggling to lose weight so I would just starve myself. I followed some of the nutrition tips and even though I am eating more, I have already lost 2.5kg, and have so much more energy!”

“I have stopped drinking whilst on site, and all I can say is I wish I did it ages ago…I feel so much better in the morning and feel like I get better quality sleep. I have even started going for a walk around the camp instead of the wet mess a couple of times a week, next step is to recruit some walking buddies”.

“I took some time off work actually and prioritised my health. Stopped drinking, started working out again, and cut out all the processed food. I have lost 20kg in 5 months. It’s so nice to be able to run around with my kids again”

If you think that Fit 4 Life would be a good solution for your business, then please contact WFR today.

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