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Boosting employee health

Good health really is good business!

Investing in your employees health can improve productivity, prevent sickness, reduce injury risk, and improve work culture. From health assessments to coaching and support, we have your workers’ health covered. Our research based, innovative and dynamic health solutions assist employees to thrive.

Health Assessments

WFR’s Health100 program increases employees awareness of their own wellbeing. The comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment includes nine health categories. Individuals are provided with a detailed report – including a health risk rating score (out of 100), as well as advice, information and tools on how to improve or maintain health.

Health Education & Coaching

Our Health Education Packages deliver ongoing education on a broad range of OHS, chronic health, lifestyle and wellness topics to the employee group. Information is delivered via presentations, videos, workshops, E-newsletters, surveys, and flyers.

WFRs Exercise Physiologists can take individuals through a variety Health Coaching Programs to meet their needs including nutrition, weight loss, exercise, fatigue management, smoking cessation, and chronic disease management.

Our popular Fit for Life workplace campaign is a 8-12 week health coaching program designed to support individuals as they work toward their personal health and lifestyle goals, and make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices.

Health Challenges

Health & Fitness Challenges are an energising way to educate employees and encourage them to adopt healthier lifestyles. Each of our health challenges aim to boost the wellbeing, fitness and mental health and morale of the workgroup. WFR supports clients to design, promote and deliver the challenge with a seamless roll out.

Fatigue Management

The Fit 4 Work workshop is a perfect addition to a company’s induction process or as a stand-alone training workshop, covering fatigue and the other indirect risk factors influencing an individual’s ability to safely perform their job.

Fatigue Management for Leaders aims to increase a leader’s awareness of their role in managing fatigue within their team. Leaders walk away with the confidence to ID red flags, proactively discuss fatigue risk with their team and have knowledge of mitigation tools to help employees act appropriately when required.

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