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Enhancing Mental Wellbeing

What to do about the prevalence of mental health challenges around us is a growing concern for many executives.

Organisations and leaders have a responsibility to look after their people’s wellbeing, but how do we navigate this complex and multifaceted issue?

Mental Health Training

Our Mental Health Awareness workshop is a critical foundation for a business’s Mental Health strategy. The workshop is designed for all employees. It will demystify and destigmatise different mental health challenges, and equip employees with support options and strategies to boost mental wellbeing.

The Mental Health Leaders workshop provides your frontline leaders and supervisors with the tools, confidence and increased awareness to discuss and support their team around mental health. Support packages and resources are also provided, ensuring the sustainability of the learnings from both the Leaders and Awareness workshops.

Mental Health Positioning

Does your business require a solid stance or clarity around your position on mental health? WFRs Mental Health Positioning is an engaging and outcome-oriented process completed with a core group of senior stakeholders. The positioning process allows leaders to explore their view on the importance of mental health in their business, the business’s obligations, the role of management, and the business strategy going forward. The end result is a collective and accurate view of the role of the organisation in maintaining positive mental health outcomes and psychosocial risk management.

Psychosocial Risk Review

Having a strategy, let alone an effective one, is essential if you want to minimise the risks and increase wellbeing within your organisation. But where to start? Our recent experience has shown that most organisations are struggling to formulate their strategy to tackle this complex issue. Our Psychosocial Risk Review is a comprehensive process that helps organisations determine the “current state” of their Mental Health Strategy and provides recommendations to help shape their own preventive strategy.

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