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Lynas reducing risk with Wearable Tech

At Lynas Rare Earths Mt Weld, WFR has recently commenced a project that includes the development of Job Role Profiles, completion of Job Task Analyses and facilitation of Manual Task Coaching. This is all to support Lynas with their musculoskeletal risk strategy.

Lynas originally contacted WFR for support in the area of musculoskeletal risk for their onsite team. They were keen to get an injury prevention solution that assisted in identifying workplace risk, educating workers, and promoting worker conditioning.

WFR worked closely with Lynas to coordinate and deliver the program across their team. The first stage of the program was updating their Job Role Profiles with the use of Wearable Sensor Technology (WST).

Using wireless sensors placed on 5 areas of the body, WST provides objective and verifiable data which allows an analysis of the risk of injury based on task movements, loads, actions and postures. Additional data such as repetitions, perceived load, task duration and individual factors contribute to the task analyses and consequential score report.

By using of Wearable Sensor Technology, WFR has assisted Lynas with:

  • Identifying high risks MSD tasks
  • Creating a job role / task dictionary with quantitative risk scoring
  • Identifying tasks to assist injured employees returning to work
  • Validating the effectiveness of the Hierarchy of Controls implemented
  • And providing in-task Manual Handling Coaching

Overall, over 70 job roles will assessed and profiled, resulting in a Lynas Job Role Dictionary. Within each role, tasks will be assessed and reported on, including Hierarchy of Control recommendations.

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