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Preventing worker injuries

With musculoskeletal injuries still accounting for the majority of workers compensation claims, employers need to be proactive in reducing injury risk.

The old approach of only relying on “lifting a box” training methods are proven ineffective. Instead, holistic programs attentioning both the individual’s musculoskeletal health and safety behaviours, as well as the workplace ergonomic design and risk control have the greatest impact. See our Preventing Workers Injury Solutions below.

Job Role Ergonomics

Managing workplace ergonomics in order to eliminate or reduce injury occurrence is a key high level risk control method. With over 25 years working in a range of industries, the WFR team has vast experience with all job roles and factors that could contribute to musculoskeletal risk. Our Job Role Ergonomics solutions can identify, assess and mitigate injury risk factors, in any type of workplace scenario. These programs include:

  • Wearable Sensor Technology
  • Job Role Profiling
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Control Reports
  • Cab/Operator Ergonomic Assessments
  • Office Workstation Ergonomics
  • Virtual Ergonomic Assessments
  • Ergonomic Assessor Training

Workfit Conditioning

Whether you have new starters or an experienced team, employees with a lack of conditioning or musculoskeletal dysfunction are at increased risk of injury.

MusculoFit is WFR’s proactive musculoskeletal health improvement program that aims to reduce the occurrence of high-frequency strain and sprain-type injuries. The program begins with an individual musculoskeletal health screening and provides each employee with a conditioning program suited to their job role and aims to correct musculoskeletal dysfunction.

WFRs Warm Up 4 Work programs focus on mobility, strength and functional movement patterns customised to specific job roles. These programs can be delivered in group sessions, online meetings, via video files, or with supporting posters and pocket cards. WFR can also train Stretch Leaders to assist in the sustainability of the initiative, giving them to knowledge and confidence to support their team in ongoing WorkFit activities.

Manual Task Coaching

Our range of competency-based Manual Task Coaching Programs are designed to meet the needs of specific job roles and work environments that exist within your business. WFRs highly interactive courses and workshops are practical and delivered to groups in both training and real work-environments to assist the employees’ uptake of the training content. Our content covers musculoskeletal risk factors and control, safer movements, work conditioning, and personal risk reduction.

Action-In-Motion™ is a highly effective one;one manual handling coaching program. Our Exercise Physiologists observe your people as they perform their manual tasks and provide feedback and coaching in-the-moment. The process is further supported through the use of Wearable Technology and recorded video to raise awareness of poor form and potential issues.

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