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Granny Smith on the front foot in managing Fitness for Work

WFR’s Fit 4 Work and Level 2 Fatigue for Leaders program in action at Gold Fields Granny Smith

Goldfields Granny Smith are proactive in reducing risk on site, partnering with WFR to run proactive Fit 4 Work and Fatigue Management for Leaders workshops in Q1 2023.

WFR delivered the program to 765 employees and 81 leaders over the 3 month project.

Fit 4 Work is a multi-faceted program addressing fatigue and the other indirect risk factors influencing an individual’s ability to perform their job safely. Interactive workshops educate participants on becoming ‘Fit 4 Work’- providing valuable information on the impact of fatigue, the consequences of ignoring their health. The workshop includes modules such as; Fatigue, Sleep, Drugs and Alcohol, Occupational Health & Safety, Becoming “Fit 4 Work”, and Support Services. During the level 1 workshop for employees, the feedback given to WFR shows the benefits of the education provided and allowed staff to develop skills and apply them to their lifestyles. 

Fatigue Management for Leaders aims to increase a leader’s awareness of their role in managing fatigue within their team. Leaders walk away with the confidence to ID red flags, proactively discuss fatigue risk with their team and have knowledge of mitigation tools to help employees act appropriately when required.

The project was encouraged and praised by all members of the Leadership Team. They provided feedback on the importance the topic, and could see the benefits for their teams. Following the training, supervisors felt more confident and knowledgeable about the advice, support, and information to provide to their staff. The supervisors knew they were able to refer their staff to WFR’s Workplace Wellbeing Specialist.



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