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With 25 years working in the industry, the team at WFR know what it takes to support companies to Thrive.

The ongoing success of our programs is due to our skilled team members, dynamic and proven programs, effective delivery processes, and thorough project management. Whether your workforce is 20 or 20,000, we will provide a bespoke approach specifically tailored to meet your organisation’s strategic, health, wellbeing and safety objectives. WFR have three key packages that can be customised to fit your business’s needs, team and budget.

Workplace Wellbeing Program

The Workplace Wellbeing Program is WFR’s top tier, full scope program. Our Project Team work closely with the business’s WHS team to create success measures and agree on clear outcomes. We work closely with all teams within the organisation to effectively deliver the program and create sustainable change.

The WWP is customised for each client and can address the following:

  • Boosting employee health solutions
  • Fitness and gym management
  • Preventing worker injury solutions
  • Injury management and support

Musculoskeletal Risk Program

The latest Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Australia Research paper (2019, Safe Work Australia, La Trobe University) highlights the need for a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to WMSD interventions, rather than just focusing on individuals behaviour. This includes effective worker engagement as well as attentioning ALL potential hazards, both physical and psychosocial, for the individual, work task, and work organisation.

WFRs Musculoskeletal Risk Program is a holistic approach to injury prevention and workplace risk reduction, that aims to support businesses in their overall OHS Injury Prevention Strategy. The program can include:

  • Assessments: Job Role Profiles and Task Assessments, Wearable Sensor Technology, Cab / Office Ergonomic Assessment, MusculoFit Screening.
  • Coaching: Action in Motion, Dynamic Back Care Course, Musculoskeletal Risk Workshops, Healthy Driver.
  • Support: WorkFit Conditioning, Fatigue Management Programs, Injury Management, Pre-Employment Medical Support, Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Wellness 100 Program

Wellness100 is WFRs health & fitness-focused program with proven results to boost employee health. Our difference? WFR’s team members are tertiary qualified, compared to the commonly used Personal Trainers / Fitness Instructors. This solution enables high-quality, outcome-driven delivery of programs both in a camp environment as well as on-site.

The program is delivered via one: one consults, group sessions, online meetings, and using online software and platforms to enhance employee engagement. The program scope includes:

  • Gym management, sport & group exercise, fitness testing and training
  • Health screening, coaching & education
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and mental fitness
  • Nutrition programs
  • Stretching and work conditioning programs
  • Health & fitness challenges

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