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We believe that in order for businesses to thrive so do employees. So what does it mean to Thrive?

A thriving employee is one who is physically healthy, mentally well and injury free. Having a business that is full of thriving employees results in a workplace that is productive, safe, happy, and a wonderful place to work.

WFR partners with our clients to support them to develop and implement a wellbeing strategy that is holistic in nature. We believe a business’s wellbeing strategy should focus on physiological health, musculoskeletal health and mental health (see our Thrive Model below).

The correlation between these three areas of health are well-researched and now strongly understood. Based on this, WFR has developed a broad range of solutions to support our clients on this wellbeing journey.

Our Solutions

Our WFR Thrive Model

We connect the dots between your people's wellbeing, your workplace risk and your business's ROI. Because fit and healthy people are engaged, productive, creative and safe. This all leads to increased staff retention, improved workplace culture, and increased workplace happiness… all resulting in significant ROI. Ultimately, Good Health is Good Business.

Why is Workplace Wellbeing vital for business?

  • 30%

    Healthy Workers Are 30% More Productive Than Unhealthy Workers

  • 21%

    Reduce Absence Due To Sickness By 21%

  • 29%

    Increase Productivity At Work By 29%

  • 24%

    Improve Overall Worker Health By 24%

For every dollar invested in health over a three year period, the return on investment ranges from $1.40 to $4.70.

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