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Great work requires great people, and we think ours are some of the best.

We’re a talented, friendly and passionate bunch, who truly enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Our shared values lead to a common goal… helping individuals and businesses thrive! The crew of 45 plus staff are located all around Australia… here is a glimpse at our senior team:

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    Steve Gauci

    Managing Director

    Steve started with the business in 2000 in an Exercise Physiologist role, and has proudly led the WFR team as Managing Director since 2007. His time is focused on WFR’s growth strategy, working with clients on their wellbeing needs and wants, and developing strategic partnerships.

    “When I’m not at work there is a lot of time spent on supporting the Freo Dockers to win their maiden Premiership, hanging out with my dog Winnie, catching up with mates to throw a few cards around… and of course enjoying the company of my wife and three daughters!”

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    Chris Kelly

    Operations Manager

    Chris commenced working with WFR in 2002 on a mine site, and has since completed many roles within the business, developing expertise in high-risk job task assessments and training.

    As Operations Manager, Chris leads our team of Project Managers to oversee the delivery and success of our clients and projects, and trains our team of Exercise Physiologists to deliver programs to a high level.

    “I enjoy the variety in my role… working with staff, delivering programs to clients, travelling to new locations, working in new industries and training new employees. Outside of work, I play and watch A LOT of sport (according to my wife), and enjoy spending time with my family.”

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    Mikala Dinka

    Product Design Manager

    “It’s really rewarding working with businesses to design a bespoke solution for their injury prevention or health improvement needs.

    With technology and training constantly evolving, we are always reviewing how our programs are best delivered to clients, in order to create effective behavioural and workplace change. “

    As Product Design Manager, Mikala ensures WFR’s products are holistic, leading edge, and provide effective solutions for our clients and projects. Having been with WFR since 2003, she has delivered site and consultancy projects around Australia and has undertaken project management, training, and event management roles before moving into Product Design. Outside of work, Mikala is a netball fanatic and loves camping, reading and family time.

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    Max Tamatoa

    Project Manager

    Max started at WFR in 2022, having worked in the industry for nearly 20 years. With expertise in wellbeing and health promotion, he spent 11 years delivering corporate health programs and managing a state-wide Outdoor Fitness program.

    He then shifted to managing site based health and fitness programs and their teams.

    As Projects Manager, he oversees the delivery of Contract and Consultancy projects. “What drives me is providing guidance to my team in order to deliver results to their clients, as well as working with a business who are enthusiastic and wanting to see results.” On the home front, Max notes that his “Dad jokes” are unparalleled, though we are not sure his daughters would agree.

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    Claire Paterson

    Project Manager

    Based in NSW, Claire has been with WFR in NSW for 5 years managing health, wellness and musculoskeletal injury prevention projects across several industries including manufacturing, mining, logistics and corporate businesses.

    This is whilst juggling work and 3 small kids and endurance training for events such as half marathons and triathlons!

    “What drives me is working on comprehensive workplace solutions that see employees improving their lifestyle outside of work as much as preventing workplace musculoskeletal injuries at work.”

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    Flyura Pak

    Administration Manager

    Born in the Northern hemisphere, Flyura to moved to Perth almost 20 years ago and despite the upside-down move her occupation never changed, and has been dedicated to it for over 35 years now.

    As WFR’s Administration and Accounts Manager she is the essential engine that keeps WFR ticking along… always with a smile and a cheeky joke.

    “In my role at WFR I am surrounded by lovely and supportive people. I also like working with numbers, they don’t lie and spelt the same in every language! At home I enjoy the summer, warmth, swimming, catching up with family & friends, travel & exploring new locations.”

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    Taylor Hatch

    Operations and Product Specialist

    As a practicing Exercise Scientist, Taylor completed her postgraduate studies in Health & Safety, which led her into working with site and office-based clients delivering health and wellness services.

    Having also worked in IT and as a Venue Manager for half a decade each, she wanted to continue utilising her tech and design skillsets in conjunction with her health and wellbeing background. Luckily, WFR was the perfect place for her to do it all, and with a team she loves! Coming on board as the Operations and Product Specialist in 2023, Taylor’s role is a colourful mix of product design, content development, systems and operational improvement, data analysis and enhancement, and delivery of WFR’s wellbeing services.

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    Brent Eales

    Project Manager

    Brent brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in injury prevention and wellness from the professional sports arena to his role as Project Manager at WFR.

    Naturally drawn to challenges, Brent thrives on finding solutions to problems. He takes great pleasure in collaborating with clients, leading the way towards optimal outcomes for their businesses. Brent is deeply committed to promoting a positive culture of success and enjoyment, both for himself and those around him. Known for his love of sports, activities, and delicious food, he always embraces opportunities to share these passions with friends and family

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WFR are always on the lookout for talented and passionate professionals to join our team. If you are interested, please submit your resume and we will contact you when a position becomes available.

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