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Wellbeing in the workplace

We partner with our clients to deliver a strategic and holistic Workplace Wellbeing Solution that supports businesses and people to thrive.

Boosting employee health

There is no doubt that healthy people create a healthy business and this has proven ROI. So if creating a healthier workplace is something your business seeks; our range of Health Assessment, Education, Coaching, Challenge, and Intervention programs are designed to be holistic, engaging, and sustainable.

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Preventing worker injuries

In the workforce, musculoskeletal injuries continue to be the leading work health and safety problem, both in frequency and cost, accounting for 60% of serious injuries. WFRs injury prevention solutions proactively reduce injury risk by addressing both individual and workplace musculoskeletal risk and factors.

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Enhancing mental wellbeing

The prevalence of mental health challenges around us is a growing concern for many businesses. Organisations and leaders have a responsibility to look after their people’s wellbeing, but how do we navigate this complex and multifaceted issue? WFR have a holistic range of strategic solutions to Enhance Mental Wellbeing.

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