Navigating Psychosocial Hazards in Compliance with New Health and Safety Regulations

In response to recent changes in health and safety legislation, employers are now legally obliged by Work Health and Safety Regulations to address psychosocial risks with the same level of importance as other significant workplace hazards, such as falls or operating machinery. 

Having a strategy, let alone an effective one, is essential if you want to minimise the risks and increase wellbeing within your organisation. But where to start? Our recent experience has shown that most organisations are struggling to formulate their strategy to tackle this complex issue.

WFR stands at the forefront, providing essential support for companies to meet these legislative requirements through a comprehensive Psychosocial Risk Review and the development of actionable strategies.

Embracing Legislative Shifts with the Psychosocial Risk Review

Amendments to health and safety legislation emphasise the need for employers to eliminate or minimise psychosocial risks within the workplace. WFR’s Psychosocial Risk Review becomes a crucial tool in ensuring compliance with the New Work Health and Safety Regulations. By conducting a thorough examination of the policies, procedures and practices that create a ‘Mentally Healthy’ organisation, the review not only ensures legal compliance but also indicates specific psychosocial hazards within the workplace and recommendations on actions to address them.

Creating Actionable Strategies for Compliance and Wellbeing

Armed with insights from the Psychosocial Risk Review, WFR works with businesses to provide recommendations to help shape their own preventative strategy. These strategies aim to effectively eliminate or minimise psychosocial risks, creating a workplace culture that places a premium on the mental wellbeing of employees.

We recognise the distinct challenges each business faces and tailor recommendations accordingly. The actionable strategy may encompass targeted interventions, policy enhancements, or cultural shifts to address identified psychosocial risks. This approach not only ensures compliance with the new regulations but also cultivates a positive and supportive workplace environment.

Why WFR for Psychosocial Risk Management?

Our commitment to enhancing mental wellbeing aligns seamlessly with the changing legislative landscape. By offering a comprehensive Psychosocial Risk Review and recommendations to help shape workplace’s own preventive strategy, WFR supports companies in navigating the complexities of psychosocial hazards while fulfilling their legal requirements.

Want more information on how WFR can help your business navigate psychosocial risk in compliance with new regulations? Get in touch! 

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